Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Old Days With Melanie

I decided to take Melanie to watch the parade which kicks off Good Old Days in PG. It starts only blocks from where we live, so I thought I'd see how Melanie handled all that noise, crowds and dogs. She did great. She seemed to really like looking at all the activity around her, the noisy parade with fire engines, motorcycles, marching bands, floats, and horses. She seemed more comfortable in the "down" position than sitting, but her ears were cocked and head moving. There were many dogs on leashes walking past us, but she behaved herself beautifully. On our walk home, we took the quieter street and about 6 horse riders were coming toward us in the middle of the street (which had been blocked off). They had been in the parade and were heading toward the downtown area. Melanie was so excited to see them, she seemed fascinated by their size; so I just stopped on the sidewalk and let her get her fill of the sight. One of the riders gave us a cheery hello. After they passed we made out way home. Melanie has been in a great mood all day, just fun and loveable like a little kid who went to the circus. The weather was perfect, clear, sunny skies and a little cool. If I feel comfortable tomorrow, we might go downtown and check out the music, booths, etc. It will be really packed with people and dogs, but I'm feeling more confident with the way she's been handling herself, so, we'll see. Anyway, today was a fun day for both of us.


  1. Sonya:
    I really like your blog.
    Melanie is so cute!:)

  2. Hy sonya:
    I have a few questions:
    Well at night melanie sleeps in a crate.
    Does she has to sleep in there always or it will be a time when she can sleep on a rug and tie down?
    Oh yes and I've heard when a gide dog first arrives, she has to were a leash inside the house?
    I'm just curious.